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September 1st 2020 SST Training Deadline

By: Able Safety Consulting

September 1st, 2020 SST Training Deadline

Time is running out for construction workers in NYC to complete the SST training required by Local Law 196. If you have not completed your training yet there is still time. Able Safety has made all the required training available online for both the 40hr SST card and the 62hr SST card (sometimes also referred to as the 40 Hour OSHA and 62 Hour OSHA).


SST Courses Available in Additional Languages

Given the diversity among construction workers in NYC we have worked hard to bring the 8 hour Fall Prevention and 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness SST courses to students in a variety of different languages languages.


Reduced Pricing and Free Covid-19 Training

Prices on all SST training has been reduced. We are also including a free Covid-19 awareness and preparedness training course free of charge. If you are still having trouble affording the required training, please call and ask about our payment plans.

If you are unsure of what you need by September 1st, we have provided a recap of the requirements below.


Types of SST Cards

Limited SST card – Provides temporary access to jobsites (expires September 2020)

Worker SST Card – Required for all construction workers by September 1st 2020 (5 year expiration)

Supervisor SST Card – Required for all Supervisors by December 1st, 2019 (5 year expiration)


Card Requirements

  1. Worker SST Card (click here for bundle)


  1. Supervisor SST Card (click here for bundle)