Able Safety Consulting - Online Learning

In compliance with NYC Department of Buildings Local Law 196 of 2017, Able Safety Consulting has implemented the use of a biometric authentication system. In cooperation with Lergent Developers we have installed their proprietary software called IDABLE. Using facial recognition, motion detection, voice recognition and emotion detection, we are able to undoubtedly authenticate a user’s identity during the entirety of the course. This exceeds the NYC Department of Buildings “online proctored” requirement for online training.


- easy to use -

how it works

Whether your on your desktop, mobile, or tablet device IDABLE has been seamlessly incorprated into your online learning experience. By doing so we are able to confidently authenticate the identity of users using our various biometric authentication methods. After creating an account and registering for one of our online courses the user will be prompted to enroll their identity. After your identity is enrolled, IDABLE will confirm your identity upon registration as well as periodically throughout the course to ensure the correct person is taking the course.

Wecome to IDable you will be required to provide biometrics to use in this course. Please review and accept the biometric user authentication terms of service and start by enrolling your face and voice

When using your desktop computer IDABLE will automatically open in your browser when its time to authenticate your identity.

When using your mobile or tablet devices you will be prompted to download the IDABLE app when it is time to verify your identity. IDABLE is available on both the google playstore for android devices and the app store for IOS devices