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Local Law 196 of 2017 has introduced a lot of new training requirements for construction/demolition workers in New York City. Along with new training courses the NYC Department of Buildings has also changed their policy on online training. Training providers may now provide SST training online as long as it is actively proctored. The DOB defines proctored online training as training that consists of training taken in a classroom with a proctor or training that requires the individual receiving the training to declare they are the individual who received the training as well as have their participation monitored at random times to ensure the person receiving the training is present for the entirety of the training.

Able Safety Consulting has devoted a lot of time and effort into developing our online courses and learning management system to best serve the student. It is our goal for each student to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience when participating in one of our SST courses online. It is also important to us that we have an excellent proctoring system in place to ensure that the training is compliant with DOB regulations and that the people receiving the training are the people receiving the certification.

In our effort to make this additional training more accessible and affordable to students we have begun to roll out our first Site Safety Training (SST) Online Courses. Below are the courses that are currently available on

In the coming weeks Able Safety Consulting will also be releasing the following prescribed courses online.

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Whether your on your desktop, mobile, or tablet device IDABLE has been seamlessly incorprated into your online learning experience. By doing so we are able to confidently authenticate the identity of users using our various biometric authentication methods. After creating an account and registering for one of our online courses the user will be prompted to enroll their identity. After your identity is enrolled, IDABLE will confirm your identity upon registration as well as periodically throughout the course to ensure the correct person is taking the course.

In compliance with NYC Department of Buildings Local Law 196 of 2017, Able Safety Consulting has implemented the use of a biometric authentication system. In cooperation with Lergent Corp we have installed their proprietary software called IDABLE. Using facial recognition, motion detection, voice recognition and emotion detection, we are able to undoubtedly authenticate a user’s identity during the entirety of the course. This exceeds the NYC Department of Buildings “online proctored” requirement for online training.

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