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Able Safety Consulting - 2 Hour Pre-Task Meetings (Online)

2 Hour Pre Task Safety Meeting Online

Why do you need 2 hour pre task meeting online? One of the most effective ways to ensure a safety jobsite is through pre-task safety meetings. These meetings are an essential part to the success of construction projects. During this online class you will learn how to conduct proper pre-task safety meetings and how they can positively impact the workplace.


NYC DOB SST Requirement (Local law 196)

Pre task safety meeting online course is a New York City Department of Buildings approved Site Safety Training (SST) Course. Supervisors will need to complete this course in order to receive their supervisor SST Card.


For a list of all SST courses please visit the DOB’s website here.


IACET CEUs (Continuing Education Units)



CEU Requirements

  1. 100% attendance for 2 Hour Pre Task meeting online
  2. Completion of Continuing Education and Training Registration Form
  3. Active participation in all class exercises (determined by course instructor)
  4. Completion of required pre-and post-quiz assessment
  5. As applicable, achievement of minimum passing score on required end-of-course examination
  6. Participation and submittal of end-of-course evaluation form (must provide name on form to receive credit)


Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the necessity of a pre-task meeting course online
  2. Illustrate the hierarchy of controls and apply them to typical construction tasks that will be regularly performed.
  3. Understand the components of a pre-task meeting
  4. Understand when to perform a pre-task meeting
  5. Identify potential human error traps when performing a pre-task meeting


What You Need:

  • Webcam and microphone for face and voice recognition

What You Get:

  • Course Certificate
  • .2 IACET CEU's 

Course Content

Definition : Pre-task Meeting
Necessity of a Pre-task Meeting
Extent of Briefing
NYC LL 204
Learning Objectives
Competent Person
Pre-task Meetings Video 1
Pre-task Meetings Video 2
Job Hazard Analysis
Issues to Consider in Job Hazard Analysis
Pre-task Meeting Video
Hierarchy of Controls Part 1
Hierarchy of Controls Part 2
Hierarchy of Controls Video
Hierarchy of Controls Video 2
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 1
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 2
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 3
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 4
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 5
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 6
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 7
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 8
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 9
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 10
Components of Pre-Task Meetings Part 11
Setting Expectations
Know your limitations
Define Objectives
Review of Materials
Eye Contact
Language & Use of Words
Ask Questions
Build on Previous Trainings
Repeat Critical Points
Recheck Understanding
Avoid drifts and tangents
Non-verbal Cues
Recognize Limitations
Pre-task Meetings Video
When to Perform Pre-task Meetings
Near the Anticipated Work
Minimal Distractions
Minimal Noise/ Environmental Concerns
Conducive Learning Area
Number of Pre-task Meetings
Glossing over Steps
Rushing Through
Superficial Plans
Assumptions on Participants
Written Assessment