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SST Online Courses Now Available!



SST Courses Online

If you are in the construction industry and work in NYC you’re most likely aware of a new rule (local law 196) requiring workers and supervisors to complete a specified amount of training to obtain a Site Safety Training (SST) card. We as training providers are mindful of the amount of time that individuals working in construction must put aside to complete the required training and how burdensome this could be to the average worker. Although there is no way to avoid the training itself, there are ways to make the training more convenient.


Site Safety Training (SST) Courses Online

Able Safety has started rolling out proctored online SST training courses. With few to none of the required courses currently being offered online, we are sure students will welcome the opportunity to save time and complete these SST courses entirely online at their own convenience. Our online site safety courses are available on multiple platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet devices. 

Able Safety has went to great lengths to ensure our Learning management system is compliant with NYC DOB regulations. Through the use of a biometric authentication system (IDABLE) students will use a mix of facial recognition, emotion detection, and voice recognition to verify their identity throughout the course.


Which SST courses are available online?

Currently, there are 8 site safety courses online available with additional courses planned to be released in the coming months.

1 Hour Electrocution Prevention

1 Hour First Aid and CPR

1 Hour Ergonomics

1 Hour Excavations

2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness

2 Hour Site Safety Plans

2 Hour Pre-task Meetings

2 Hour Toolbox Talks


These site safety classes online will satisfy the requirement for both general and specialized electives needed to obtain a Supervisor SST card. 


SST Package also avaiable visit SST PACKAGE page.


How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to get started you can simply visit our SST COURSE page.