Able Safety Consulting - Scaffold Training Courses


This courses designed for both entry-level and advanced workers who already working or just going to start there work on supported or suspended scaffolds. During the class, workers will be introduced to DOB and OSHA procedures, policies, and standards with a detailed overview of prevention and recognition of hazardous conditions.

4 Hour Scaffold User Training Course

Provides basic explanation of supported scaffolds and supported scaffold components 

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Curso De Andamios De 4 Horas

FORMACIÓN DE USUARIOS DE ANDAMIOS INICIAL Y REFRESCANTE DE 4 HORAS Curso de andamios de usuarios y el programa d... more

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8 Hour Scaffolding Training Course

This scaffold training course is intended for individuals looking to renew

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16 Hour Scaffolding Safety Training Course

Teaches workers how to safely perform duties on suspended scaffolds.

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8 Hour Suspended Scaffold Training Course

8 HOUR SUSPENDED SCAFFOLD SAFETY The 8 hour Suspended scaffold training for Supervisors also known as the 8 hour suspen... more

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8 Hour Suspended Scaffold Refresher Training Course

8 Hour Suspended Scaffolding Safety Course For User This 8 hour suspended scaffold refresher training course refreshes... more

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32 Hour Scaffold Training Course

32 HOUR SUPPORTED SCAFFOLD TRAINING INSTALLER/REMOVER 32 hour scaffold training also known as the 32 Hour Pipe Scaffold... more

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32 Hour Suspended Scaffolding Training Course

32 Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Course The 32 Hour Suspended Scaffolding Supervisor Course also known as the 32-h... more

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16 Horas De Andamio Suspendido

Clase de 16 Horas Andamio Suspendido El curso de 16 Horas de Andamio suspendido enseña a los trabajadores c&oacu... more

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