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5 of the Biggest Suspended Scaffolding Risks

By: Able Safety Consulting

Many construction companies use scaffolding, which is an inseparable element of every construction. Scaffolding also enables safe work at heights. However, in the absence of appropriate knowledge and training, a serious accident may result, threatening the life and health of employees.


Scaffolding related hazards

Among others, construction companies also use suspended scaffolding. When performing your duties in such a place and height, you have to take into account certain dangers:

  • untrained workers - since they do not have the proper knowledge nor experience on construction site, due to this they can cause danger to themselves and anyone around,
  • falls from height - to prevent this type of occupational threat, present on any construction site, the proper use of harnesses and safety equipment needs to be practiced,
  • ineffective safety equipment - inexperienced and untrained workers may not notice wear and tear of the equipment, or they can cause it due to poor maintenance practices,
  • suspended scaffold platform collapse - this can be avoided by regular training and certification of workers that will be on alert for any irregularities,
  • challenging weather - responsible and trained employees will be able to assess the possible danger posed by weather conditions.

All the dangers presented above have one common factor that escalates the situation - untrained personnel. Therefore, regular, thorough, and professional training of workers will minimize the chances of accidents occurring. Not only will that protect human life but also prevent any unscheduled construction delays.


Building scaffolding - training

Every worker, especially those involved in scaffolding construction, should undergo scaffolding training. The course should include the most critical elements, such as:

  • OSHA scaffold training,
  • scaffolding safety training online,
  • suspended scaffold training NYC,

There are OSHA scaffolding requirements that should be inspected periodically. Such inspections are prioritized based on risk assessments. The greater the danger to the employee, the higher the priority is. Based on OSHA standards, all parts of the scaffolding (e.g., fittings, beams, ropes, frames) should be inspected before being put into service. Such control should be carried out by a competent person who knows the requirements of these scaffolding elements and can identify hazards and remove them in the event of irregularities.

The employee is obligated to participate in training about work safety on scaffolding and obtain a training completion certificate.