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How to Manage a Construction Project Step by Step

By: Able Safety Consulting

How to Manage a Construction Project Step by Step

The construction industry is not only technical; it is also prevalent with overwhelming hazards and accidents. Construction workers are constantly faced with the risk of falling and tripping on sharp objects, exposure to toxic substances like asbestos and lead, the likelihood of drug abuse and other accidents on the worksite. 

It is in view of reducing this risk and ensuring the safety of construction workers on the field that the State of New York introduced a law as regards it. Introduced under the designation of the Department of Building, this legal instrument provides for new training requirements for construction workers and managers. Commonly regarded as Local Law 196, this law established the need for the introduction of an eligibility card in the construction industry. When earned, this card is proof that an individual is licensed under the State of New York to be a construction worker or a manager. And this eligibility card may only be earned upon the successful completion of a DOB-approved training.

The training is known as SST, that is, Site Safety Training. The SST online training seeks to teach construction workers and managers the techniques for ensuring their utmost safety on construction worksites to reduce industry-related accidents. Since construction managers are responsible for managing construction projects on the worksite as well as ensuring their success, they are obliged to undergo a compulsory SST 32 hour supervisor course. This course is meant to equip construction managers on how to go about their work, and it offers a detailed guide on it. These courses help to solidify the understanding and experience of construction managers.

Meanwhile, for the ease and convenience of construction managers, the SST training has been designed to be exclusively done remotely. This means that it has been packaged as an online course and can be taken without the stress as is usual with other similar courses. While providing construction managers to be licensed to work within the State of New York, this training SST also teaches them how to supervise construction on the worksite. In all, the online SST training courses will satisfy the requirement for general and specialized electives and prescribed courses needed to obtain a Supervisor SST card. 

The 32 hours supervisor course is so called because it consists of different courses with the stipulated duration it takes to be completed, all of which sum up to 32 hours. And these courses are:

  • 8 Hour Fall Prevention: This course intends to educate construction managers on defining and ensuring that the regulations, safety rules and protection associated with fall hazards are strictly adhered to on the worksite. With fall being the most common cause of accidents in the construction industry, this course is targeted at significantly reducing the figure of fall hazards that occur.


  • 8 Hour Chapter 33 / Site Safety Manager Refresher: This online SST DOB NYC training seeks to equip construction managers with relevant knowledge on the rules of the City of New York that pertains to public protection. This course helps construction managers to review the potential hazards in working on a New York construction site, as well as the various safety measures and practices that may be adopted to ensure that workers work in a healthy and safe environment.

It also helps them ensure that construction workers comply with the provisions of Chapter 33 of the NYC Building Code.

  • 4 Hour Supported Scaffold User: Scaffold User is among the major equipment used on a construction worksite and this course prepares construction managers to recognize and help workers avoid a wide range of safety hazards connected to its. It also involves learning to teach workers the importance of employing control measures.


  • 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness: Among the mandatory SST 32 hour supervisor course is this drug and alcohol awareness training that runs for 2 hours. This training seeks to educate construction managers on the consequence of working under the influence of drugs and alcohol, to dissuade construction workers from it. 


  • 2 Hour Site Safety Plan: This online SST training is specifically designed for construction managers or supervisors to teach them the basics of Site Safety Plans and how to implement these plans, as well as how to recognize potential issues that could jeopardize workers’ safety.

It also involves teaching construction managers how to read the blueprints components of the Site Safety Plans and interpret its graphic representations in relation to workers’ safety. 


  • 2 Hour Toolbox Talks: This DOB SST training provides construction managers with an overview on how to plan and conducting effective toolbox talks. These talks are meant to reinforce workplace safety practices among workers by informing them of job-specific hazards together with their preventive measures.


  • 2 Hour Pre-Task Safety Meetings: This SST training course seeks to teach construction managers the importance of pre-task safety meetings and how to effectively conduct them. This course also covers effective strategies involved in leading these meetings as well as their regulatory requirements.


  • 4 Hours SST Elective Courses: These courses include the General and Specialized Electives recommended by OSHA, both of which run for 2 hours each. They are part of the SST 32 hour supervisor course mandated to be taken by construction managers in NYC, so construction workers are expected to complete any chosen four.


All the above-stated training helps to direct construction managers on how to manage a construction project step by step. It helps them be familiar with every factor that is relevant to site safety.

To this end, construction managers in the State of New York can only be said to be well-informed about managing construction projects if they go through this SST 32 hour supervisor course. Also, there must be strict attendance of the classes and achievement of a minimum of 70% in the written assessment at the end of the course.