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Able Safety Consulting - 62 Hour Supervisor Full Package Online

62 Hour SST Bundle Supervisor - Sponsored by Able Safety

Local law 196 of 2017 introduced new training requirements for construction workers and supervisors. Supervisors must complete a total of 62 hours of training in order to qualify for a Supervisor Site Safety Training Card (SST card). This package includes both the 30 Hour OSHA and the additional 32 hours of SST training needed to obtain a 62 hour SST card.


This package consist of the following classes:



CEU Requirements

To obtain the supervisor sst card 62 hours online, all of the below requirements need to met:

  1. 100% attendance for the SST course class 10 online
  2. Completion of Continuing Education and Training Registration Form
  3. Active participation in all class exercises (determined by course instructor)
  4. Completion of required pre-and post-quiz assessment
  5. As applicable, achievement of minimum passing score of 70 on required end-of-course examination
  6. Participation and submittal of end-of-course evaluation form (must provide name on form to receive credit)


Supervisor sst card (62 hours) is valid for five years from the date of issue and needs to be refreshed after that time.



What you need:

  • Webcam or smartphone
  • Microphone or smartphone
  • Photo ID


What you get:

  • Certificates of Completion
  • OSHA 30 Card
  • Supervisor SST card