Site Safety Training (SST) Grant Program

By: Able Safety Consulting



NYC has setup a Construction Site Safety Reimbursement Program to help mitigate the cost of SST training for construction companies. Companies are required to submit specific documents that demonstrates their eligibility and completion of training to receive a minimum of a 66% reimbursement. By submitting additional documentation, It is possible to get a 100% reimbursement for the cost of training your employees. For more information about how the process works and what you will need please see below.


How it Works

After completing your training with a NYC DOB approved training provider, the NYC Department of small business services will cover a percentage of the cost, if your business is eligible.


Who can Apply?

Smalls construction companies located in New York City with 1-15 employees, and certified M/WBEs in the construction industry with 1-15 employees.


How to Apply

You can apply for the program by following the steps below:

  1. Send your employees to an authorized training provider
  2. Gather completion certificates for each employee
  3. Review the documentation checklist below, gather the required documents, and apply for reimbursement using the SBS Connect portal. (scroll down to “services” and click “construction safety training grant”
  4. Once an application is submitted it will be assigned to an analyst for review.
  5. Upon approval, reimbursement will be sent to the bank account listed on application via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  6. This process will take 30-60 days



Affirmation form -

Federal Tax Form 1120 -

Training attendance Form -