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How to Become a Construction Manager

By: Able Safety Consulting

How to become a construction manager

Construction management is a construction variant of project management. Among the responsibilities, we may define planning, design, and control of the construction phases of a project. In addition, a manager has to monitor and assure the completion of all the processes at the construction site. These specialists are indeed beneficial for property owners, developing companies, government, and public agencies. 

Considering becoming a construction manager, make sure to realize the volume of responsibility. You will manage every detail: personnel, supplies, schedules, materials, certification, licenses, progress, and finalization of the project. Of course, there is more to this list. However, it is already pretty impressive. So if you feel you are ready to be in charge of all the mentioned above, let’s see in detail what is required to become a construction manager.


A construction management degree is a must for those intending to pursue a career in management in the construction industry. Customers and employers are very enthusiastic about hiring a college degree in construction management or construction science. However, it is not enough to obtain the paper stating that there is the education received. Practice experience adds up to the resume and helps the fresh graduates to transit faster to most of the responsibilities at the construction site. Theory, decently underpinned by some practical background, makes up a perfect candidate for the job.


Having a college degree in construction management is quite a start, yet there is more learning expected. First of all, following Local Law 196, Construction Superintendents, Site Safety Coordinators, and /site Safety Managers are asked to complete 62 hours of training, which a 62 Hour card will prove. In addition, a person is expected to complete a 30 Hour OSHA training program, an 8 Hour Fall Prevention course online, and a 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness course (online) plus 22 hours of additional Site Safety Training to get this card.

Moreover, one must realize that this training is not life-long lasting. Regular renewals are required since not only the validity of your NYC SST card is jeopardized, but you and your company will face fines. For example, suppose your EPA Lead Certification is older than five years. In that case, you might want to prepare an EPA Lead Certification application to apply for your certificate renewal to avoid fines of up to $37,500 per day.


It is always needed to see the construction site from the inside to make an impression of what you are willing to become in charge of. Also, your resume will welcome some details about you having some hands-on experience before you have finalized your degree. So much practice and valuable knowledge come from the actual job done. Therefore, you honestly have to consider starting your career path as a certified construction worker and then advance your way as a construction manager.


Becoming a construction manager is achievable as long as you are ready to learn, upgrade, and not be ignorant of visiting construction sites to observe the actual work being done, not the information you get in reports. Managing a position requires a sharp focus on every single detail. The control part is enormous. However, if you organize the work right, the processes will flow smoothly on all levels.