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6 Steps to Build a Safety Culture At Construction Sites

By: Able Safety Consulting


Every year the US Department of Labor publishes distressing statistics about the number of fatalities at work. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if a strong safety culture had been present in the workplace.   

Definition of a safety culture

Safety culture is defined by the shared values, beliefs, and attitudes within the company and these should be cultivated from the moment when an employee joins the team.

A strong culture within the organization keeps the employees safe and the employer reliable. Poor safety culture causes injuries, accidents, and fatal cases. Thus, a proper site safety course should be the highest priority.

How to build a strong safety culture? 

Building a culture within the organization takes time and a lot of effort. However, the outcomes are definitely worth it. There are several ways to do it if culture is missing or to improve it if it already exists.

  1. Make safety is your number one priority

A strong safety culture starts from the correct priorities. If the employees know that safety is the most important, they will pay more attention to the procedures. Many might be wondering what is OSHA 10 certification, and if this is the case, it’s a sign that the culture in your organization needs improvement through additional employees’ education.

  1. Invest in employees

Show that you care about the employees by providing them with what is needed: quality equipment, protecting clothes, and 30 hour OSHA training. Hire experienced specialists who know how important safety is and who will be an example for the junior workers.

  1. Site safety course

Make sure that all employees have sufficient and up-to-date knowledge. Whether it’s a general OSHA 10 hour course or a EPA lead paint course, the workers need to attend the training and refresh their certificates on a regular basis. The world is changing, so do the work methods, equipment, and regulatory requirements. For this reason, annual qualification reviews play an important role in the safety at the workspace.

  1. Create accountability at all levels

It is not enough if only one team or one level of employees follow the rules, while the rest consider it unimportant. The safety culture should start from the juniors and go to the site safety manager. It is worth involving everyone in the discussion process. Only by asking for feedback on every level, can you prevent accidents during the implementation.

  1. Site Inspections and Safety Meetings

Nothing motivates the employees to follow the rules more than knowing that a site inspector will come and check their work. During the OSHA 10 hour course the workers learn about the importance of regular verifications, and seeing them in real will incline them to care about safety more.

  1. Constant support

Safety culture is not a one-time action and it can only prosper if the team members are kept motivated and updated about the progress regularly. Recognize the workers for their improvements and engagement in building the culture in the organization.