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Useful Tips for Construction Workers to Stay Safe

By: Able Safety Consulting

Useful tips to stay safety on construction

Safety at the construction place is something that indeed goes without saying. Every worker has to be appropriately equipped with every tiny bit part needed for arranging the right working conditions safety-wise. As well as every employee has to be trained and educated enough in questions concerning life-saving and avoiding certain hazards. Let’s have a look at some practical pieces of advice that might come in handy for builders when at the construction site. Let’s have a look at some tips to ensure secure work.


Importance of safety education

No matter how skilled the employee might be, as well as no matter how experienced he/she is, it is never enough to learn and upgrade your knowledge. Everything changes and new technology arrives. Therefore the worker must be aware of how to implement it and ensure security for himself and the people around him. 10 hour sst dob online or other site safety training courses might be of great use.


PPE  at all times

PPE  is an essential part of the safety at the construction site and should never be overlooked. It has the potential to protect a worker from falls, motion injuries, electric jolts

if only, of course, used properly. People in charge of the workflow at the construction are obliged to make sure that all the protective equipment meets all the demands and corresponds with present-day standards.


Health and wellness

Construction sites are also one of the places where you should not take any chances with how you feel when entering the working place. A construction worker has to be responsible for himself as well as the conditions at work should be health-oriented: regular medical check-ups, healthy food in the cafeterias and vending machines. Also, it is essential for the employees to remember the importance of staying clean and never allow themselves to come to work with the signs of alcohol or drug abuse. Not the least important to make them all go through  Alcohol and Drug Awareness classes online.



To be safe is easy when following the rules. Hazards happen, but much less when the safety policy is worshiped at the construction place. Appropriate protective gear, health monitoring and education will definitely assure employees, and the construction process to be totally under control and with people safe. By the way, if you, as a person in charge, want your employees to go through a complex educational program you might want to have a look at the 10 hour NYC DOB SST training online program.