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How Much Does a Construction Project Manager Make

By: Able Safety Consulting

How Much Does a Construction Project Manager Make?

The construction industry is one of the most hazard-prone industries to exist since the dawn of time. It exposes workers to a considerable level of accidents including fatal falls, exposure to toxic substances, fires, difficult exits of confined spaces like sewers, manholes and tanks, among others. This, in turn, may lead to substance dependency and drug abuse by workers, infections and possible deaths.

All of this potential unpleasantness makes the role of a construction project manager and his position as the key figure of the construction project team to be a delicate one. He is charged with the duty of overseeing the whole phase of the construction process, right from conceptualization till when the project is completed. He will direct and monitor every procedure relating to emergency repairs and hazardous materials, identify any problem that crops up and seek appropriate resolution. Furthermore, he will also be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits before the commencement of a project.

Above all this, a construction project manager must ensure that construction workers operate in a safe and healthy environment by making certain that they do not err on the health and safety standards recommended by OSHA. To successfully do this, construction project managers must not only have extensive knowledge of general construction, but are also expected to have satisfied NYC DOB SST requirement.

This DOB SST NYC requirement is a training program introduced under the New York Local Law. Commonly known as Local law 196, this law introduced new training requirements for construction workers and managers or supervisors. This NYC DOB SST OSHA requirement involves that a construction manager must complete the all-in-one 10 hour SST Online Courses. Taking both of these courses will make a construction manager eligible for a supervisor SST card. This card serves as proof that the construction manager has gone through the required training and thus making them eligible to take on projects in New York.

Through its courses, the all in one sst class 10 2021 seeks to equip construction managers against the two most common causes of accidents on construction worksites. And this course has been designed to be an interactive online class that can be taken at the convenience of construction managers. Its design should meanwhile not be interpreted as inducing laxity and construction managers will only be said to have undergone this all-in-one SST class if they have a complete attendance for the training, actively participate in the class exercises and have a minimum of 70 in the end of course examinations.

This all-in-one SST 10 hour class consists of the 8-Hour Fall Prevention course and the 2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness class.

A lot of construction projects have, at their core, working at heights at least six feet. This fact explains the statistics that show that fatal falls, trips and slips are the most common causes of injuries and deaths in the construction industry. And this terrifying statistic has necessitated the need for the introduction of the Fall Prevention Course into the NYC DOB SST requirement of construction managers.

This course is designed to educate construction managers on how to recognize, avoid, minimize, and correct fall hazards on job sites. The scope of this course also covers highlighting the responsibilities of construction managers by making them have a deep understanding of fall hazards, the suitable fall hazard controls to adopt and the conditions under which they can be adopted, calculation of fall distances, the installation of safety gears and fall protection systems, regulatory requirements of fall control, the integrity of anchorage points, among other things.

The importance of the 8-hour Fall Prevention Course is thus emphasized by the need to ensure the safety of construction workers even while they are working at great heights.

Another notable cause of industry-related accidents and death in construction is the abuse of drugs and alcohol. It was reported by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health that 35% of workplace injuries and death are related to drug and substance abuse, and the construction industry is no left out of these statistics.

In and of itself, the abuse of drugs is detrimental even within the personal life of workers, and it is only worse if it is within a construction worksite. This is because a construction site is in itself a hazard-prone environment, and working under the influence of that kind of environment only increases the risk.

This thus underscores the importance of drug and alcohol awareness course as the other part of the NYC DOB SST requirements for construction managers. The course is meant to teach construction managers how substance dependency affects people, especially in the workplace, the dangers of working under the influence, and the telltale signs to look for when determining whether someone is under the influence and the subsequent actions to be taken. The ultimate goal of this course is to help construction managers provide a safe and healthy work environment for construction workers.



In all, the question of the amount that a construction project manager makes in NYC has no specific answer. This is dependent on a wide range of factors like educational background, experience, certifications, additional skills and whatnot. Whatever the requirements may be, though, fulfilling the NYC DOB SST requirement stands at the forefront. The all-in-one 10 Hours SST class is approved by OSHA in a bid to create safe and healthy work environments, and taking this course is pivotal to being able to work on construction sites in NYC.

On average, though, the salary of a construction project manager ranges from $113,864 and $147,208.