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Face Recognition for Online Training

By: Able Safety Consulting

Face Recognition for Online Training (IDABLE)

The future is here!  Facial recognition and face detection technology is now the biometric solution for many applications.  Using your built in webcam on a laptop, tethered webcam on a desktop or your phones camera….applications can run all sorts of different functions….from making funny faces (like Snapchat filters) to unlocking your phone (iPhone X and Android).   Even law enforcement cameras on a street corner may be able to recognize faces from a database and track their every movement from camera to camera as well as identify people who are wanted in connection with a crime.  It has come along way and it will continue to progress as technology advances. 





We at Able Safety Consulting made a significant choice when determining how our online courses would be secured and authenticated.  We chose IDable as our number one source for user identification and authentication.  They have created an application that cannot be spoofed in any way….and we have tried many.  Using a biometric login system for our proprietary learning management system was a primary goal to stop cheaters.  The best part of IDable is that they do not store or share your biometrics, which was also just as important to us.  Instead they use a series of facial expressions to unlock our online courses.  This is very unique and no other application on the market can compare to this type of system.  It makes it absolutely impossible for a user to have someone else complete an online course for them.  Many other companies have chosen IDable for that exact reason.



Our online courses are now in compliance with the New York City Department of Buildings requirement regarding online SST courses.  Able Safety Consulting is the first and only NYC DOB Approved Training Provider to offer some of the SST courses 100% online and in compliance with the new regulations.  It is our goal to make training available to the vast majority but still maintain integrity within the industry.  Using a biometric login system that cannot be spoofed is the only true way to ensure the person taking the course and the person obtaining the certification are one in the same.  This slight inconvenience is shadowed by the ability to take courses from the comfort of any location you choose and at any time that is convenient to you.  Additionally, the information provided is consistent and may be repeated if the learner so desires.