Certified Safety Professional - Safety Coordinators / Managers


We’ve got on-site certified safety professionals prepared to provide safety support 24/7 in any workplace. These safety coordinators can assist meet demanding owners and insurance needs. ABLE Safety Consulting also provide on-site safety managers to help our customers in the execution of their safety approach on both long term and short term tasks. Able safety coordinators will train and help you in every possible way. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

The objectives of owners, clients and workers are increasing in the area of safety compliance and supervision. Can you manage to put your safety manager on one project for a longer period of time? Have you got the time to seek out and hire the proper person for a temporary project? Exactly what quality do you consider you’ll find for a temporary job situation?

ABLE Safety Consulting is your answer to the safety issues you encounter every day. We can provide you with the right safety professional services for your project, doing work in all fields including auto plants, steel mills, manufacturers, refineries, power industry and general construction.

Our company offers certified safety professional that has the proper experience and winning attitude to handle the safety procedure.



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