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Able Safety Consulting - Site Safety Plan and Projects

Site Safety Plans and Projects

Able Safety Consulting’s team of skilled construction safety personnel has a great deal of experience in developing Site Safety Programs and Site Safety Plans. It would be our pleasure to give you a quote on your next project.

After being awarded a project in NYC the contractor must submit the following items:

The Safety Program should outline the contractors overall safety policy, regulatory compliance plan and minimum safety standards.

The Site Safety Plan and Site Safety Program must both be reviewed and accepted by the construction safety unit before work on the job site may begin. Failure to submit these documents by the contractor within 30 days of the award date may result in a forfeit of the project.

Safety Program and Site Safety Plan Services

Safety Programs and Site Safety Plans both consist of a large amount of different elements such as job hazards analysis, safety and education, project work scope, fire protection and prevention plans and much more. Our dedicated staff will guide you in this process as well as prepare drawings, meet with your company and obtain any required approvals or permits needed for the job. Able Safety Consulting will design your safety plan for any construction project which will conform to the building codes in your area. We will create your site safety program from scratch and specifically design it for your project.

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