New York State requires that all construction workers involved in public works, projects that require a Site Safety Plan, being over 100,000 square feet or over 10 stories in height, should have a 10 hour Construction OSHA Card that has been issued within the past 5 years. To receive a an OSHA card individuals must complete an OSHA Training Course.

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10 hour OSHA Training Course

10 hour OSHA training includes a basic overview of the following topics, Introduction to OSHA, Cranes, Fall Protection, Electrical, Personal Protective Equipment, Scaffolds, Materials Handling, Stairs/Ladders, Power Tools, and Excavations. This gives workers a general training on the most hazardous aspects of the construction industry.
OSHA Training Course

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30 hour OSHA Training Course

30 hour OSHA training is a much more in depth look at the safety requirements outlined by OSHA. A more focused look at the responsibilities of the “Competent Person” in each discipline is discussed.

OSHA Training Course








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