Permit Procurement – Able Safety

The permit procurement process is a necessity when a construction project is planned, or before the starting the project. Depending on the local municipality, a permit procurement is required. Code research and due diligence is a vital service that we provide to our clients – will clarify the requirements of each municipality. We’re proud of our relationships and associations. We have cultivated thorough team work, trust, and our dedication to the customers.

Permit procurement eliminates the need for multiple service contracts, reducing administrative tasks, and less document filing. We manage base building operation and obtain all necessary documents and permits according to state laws and regulations. We have professional and reliable permit specialists whose responsibility is to be knowledgeable of state laws and city code and respecting permit procurement steps. When permits are necessary, you will asked to provide a site safety and description of the project that is supposed to be implemented.

Pre-construction procurement includes:

Specify all long lead item components

Solicit pricing from manufacturers

Issue Purchase Orders

Permit documentation includes:

Code compliance review

Construction documents

Local jurisdiction

Permit expediting

Certificates of occupancy

Certificates of compliance

Permit Filings and Expediting, Prompt and Professional Service to all Five Boroughs (DOB and DEP).

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