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EPA RRP Lead Certification

Able Safety is an EPA authorized training provider that provides EPA Lead Certification courses, online and in-person. Initial 8-hour courses must be completed fully or partially in-person while the EPA RRP Refresher course may be completed entirely online.

The EPA Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP) rule was created to protect the public from lead-based paint hazards. During renovation, repair and painting of homes, surfaces with lead-based paint may be disturbed producing lead dust. In order to protect residents and workers from this material the EPA put rules in place that require renovators to receive a lead-safe renovator certification.



RRP Lead Safe Renovator Initial – In-Person

EPA Lead Certification is received by completing an initial 8-hour course. Currently the initial 8-Hour EPA lead certification course requires a hands-on component and must be completed partially or completely in-person. The initial course will grant you certification for 5 years after which you will be required to renew your certification. To check our class schedule please click the link below or call 888.926.4727 to register

EPA RRP Refresher Online


EPA Lead Certification - Cross Platform

RRP Lead Safe Renovator Initial – Online

The EPA Allows renovators to acquire there Lead Safe Renovator Certifications by completing a 6-hour Online lecture followed by a 2-hour hands-on activities portion. Students will register for the Lecture online and then be prompted to choose a date and location for there 2-hour hands-on activities portion. To sign up for the Initial lecture online visit EPAclass.com


RRP Lead Certification Refresher – Online

The EPA has finalized the rule allowing lead-paint certification renewals to be performed entirely online without the hands-on component. The 4-hour online EPA RRP refresher is now available in most states and offers a convenient alternative to in-person classes. RRP renewal has never been so easy and affordable


Why do I need a Refresher Course?

After completing an initial Lead-safety Course, the EPA requires renovators to renew their certification within 5 years by completing an EPA RRP renewal course. Renovators who take an online refresher will be certified for 3 years and will only be qualified to complete an online course once every other renewal period.


EPA RRP Lead Certification






Additional Information


EPA Lead Certification Training Class

EPA Lead restoration, repair and paint (RRP) rule came into force April 22, 2010. The new regulation asks those who work in houses built before 1978 may be EPA certified. Construction company, who would want to do basic repairs lead to compensation has the obligation to participate in a certified class. EPA lead safe certified certificate is valid for 5 years. See more.

EPA Lead RRP Refresher Certification Renewal Online

Contractors who work on houses and/or child-occupied structures constructed before 1978 are now able to update their EPA Certified Lead-Safe certificates online. However the new EPA rule published on January 21st won’t assist firms confronting March 31 renewals. Certification companies are still building the digital programs and/or perhaps awaiting EPA approval. See more.

EPA Lead Safe Renovator Certification Training

Started April 22, 2010, anybody who does renovations, repairs, or painting (RRP) in child-occupied facilities or dwellings built prior to 1978 must get certified. Add-on to personal EPA lead certification, there’s also the demand of getting your firm registered with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to guarantee that you’re not at risk to receive up to $37,500 in fines per day! See more.

EPA RRP Certified Renovator

Able Safety will help you with EPA RRP Safety Certification training. Our EPA RRP training is the state of the art and meets the latest regulatory requirements and changes. Please call us at 1-888-926-4727, for your EPA RRP Certification training. See more.

Lead Safety Certification Class

This lead safety certification is good for 5 years, taking Lead Safety Certification Class and becoming EPA Certified is easy and can contribute your business a competitive advantage. Whether you are a Property Manager, Large Contractor or Small Contractor, call us at 888-926-4727 to learn more about the hazards of lead-based paint, the necessities for becoming EPA certified, and where you can find a trainer. See more.

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