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Able Safety Consulting - 4 Hour Forklift Training (online)

4 Hour Forklift Certification Course Online

The 4 Hour Forklift Training Course will teach individuals how to identify and prevent specific safety and health hazards in the workplace relating to powered industrial vehicles or forklifts. During this course, students will be instructed using a combination of classroom lecture, demonstrations and hands-on exercises performed by the student. At the end of the class, each student will be evaluated on his/her operating performance to complete forklift certification.

Gaining recognition in the industry as a certified forklift operator can be a challenge, but we aim to make it easy. We only offer safe and efficient techniques that are used by experienced operators in real life situations. No matter your location, experience level, or learning style, this online course has it all covered and will make sure that you can work confidently on any machine as soon as possible.


OSHA Standard - Powered Industrial Trucks

It is the employers responsibility to ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operarate a forklift and also ensure they have completed the required training. Forklift operators are required to be evaluated every 3 years to ensure they are operating their equipment in a safe manner. 


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of forklift classes, the student will be able to:

  1. Understand the statistics of forklift accidents in construction
  2. Understand competent persons responsibilities
  3. Describe Types of Hazards
  4. Describe the components, specifications, and regulatory requirements of forklift drive
  5. Understand basic principles like lift truck operation
  6. Describe parts of a truck/pre-shift inspection