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Job-site inspections are common practice on high rise buildings in order to discover any potential hazards or violations prior to a visit from OSHA. By not having your project walked by an inspection professional, you place yourself at risk of receiving an OSHA violation or fine.

Key areas we perform inspections in:

It is a general rule of thumb to have job-site inspections performed randomly at least once per month. The results of these inspections are then documented and discussed with the field manager or anyone who may be relevant.

In most situations a follow up inspection will be scheduled to assess the corrections made on the job site. In more serious situations, immediate actions may be taken which can include:

  • Immediately informing any personnel that may be affected by a hazard
  • Evaluating the present hazard and then correcting it
  • Contact the safety manager or competent person to re-asses the hazard

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