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Site Safety Manager – Safety Management Training

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site safety manager

Please call 888.926.4727 to register or inquire about additional 40 hr Site Safety Manager/Coordinator Training dates.

Site Safety Manager Training – Able Safety

A Licensed Site Safety Manager is needed on demolition or new construction sites on major buildings. A major building is a building suggested to have any of these features:
  1.  Be constructed to a height of 10 or even more stories
  2. Be constructed to a height of 125 feet or even more
  3. Have a lot coverage of 100,000 sq ft or more despite height, as specified by the commissioner.
A Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager should be designated and present on the demolition or construction of major buildings based on and in compliance with Section 3310. Able Safety Consulting has several, licensed, professionally trained and competent site safety managers having the ability to quickly fill the needs you have for your project.
Construction is a vast industry worldwide, and this is keystone why the Site Safety Management Training Course is recommended that you go when it concerns a bang-up career. A lot of people have do work in the construction industry and brings in the popularity of professionals. There are about 2.2 million people does their living in the construction industry. Site safety and safety training for supervisors are the two major components of construction. There are a number of courses and people who want to pursue a career in this field must comply with these courses.

Available Site Safety Manager Training Courses

Site safety manager


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