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Site Management Training and Safe Site Supervision Safety Training in Construction Site

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Manager, Coordinator and Refresher Safety Training Course

Site Management Training – ABLE Safety

Site Management Training and Safe Site Supervision are definitely the two essential factors in ranking the safety of a construction site together with the safety knowledge of the employees in the site. The safety training is designed to make the construction site totally free of incidents and potential risks, as well as the site to be economic and productive. Site Management and Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is regarded as the basic 5-day safety training course provided by the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) focused on the construction site supervisors, site agents, project managers and directors and other accountable persons working in the construction. This program can be useful for the development of awareness, creating recognition in safety rules and understanding of social and moral duties related to health, safety and the general well being. Able Safety’s site management training is flexible to your needs, and most up to date with the latest technologies that available.

Site Manager and Site Supervisor Safety Training

The safety training course educates the managers and supervisors the general safety laws and regulations, restrictions to handle the work safely. Evaluating the risk components, site set up and Construction Design Management rules are implemented. Training is provided to understand the nature of the job, indicating the hazards, preventing unsafe methods with various tools and equipments and handling the same details to other employees.

The safety training ends with tests, course evaluations, course modifications, delivering presentations and course outcomes.

After successful completing the safety site management training, you are able to carry out all the safety and health rules strictly following the safety rules on regular basis. The trained staff members can develop potentially profitable new skills and techniques with regards to safety matter and put into action to the most effective control. Starting new welfare systems in health and safety factors you can set good examples for some individuals to follow along with.
Safety Training - Manager, Coordinator and Refresher Course

Site Manager/Supervisor’s Safety Refresher Certification Training Course Related

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