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Construction Site Safety Tips

Written on March 4, 2013 - 8:15 am | posted by admin

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Many workers are killed or injured on construction sites each year. Falls, crushed limbs, head injuries, slips, lung damage, trips and electrocution are just few of the normal accidents that happen often. However, these accidents don’t have to take place as frequently as they do.

Keeping yourself safe at work is a top priority for all employees. But if you are on a construction site this concern is an essential issue for the daily well-being of those at work. By taking safety measures you can avoid accidents and make the inevitable accidents less severe.

Here are some Safety Tips for Construction Sites

  • Wear your gear! Always have on your protective equipment, like sturdy shoes and helmets.
  • Don’t go walking on or lean towards glass.
  • Don’t set things on ledges or somewhere else they call quickly fall off of.
  • Lift hefty objects correctly and with proper care.
  • Keep pathways clear and try to scout out your route before carrying large or huge objects.
  • Just use tools and machinery you’re trained to use or have knowledge working with.
  • Utilize all tools and equipment effectively.
  • Avoid exposed wires as well as other electrical dangers.
  • Wear a protective mask when coming in contact with toxic fumes or huge amounts of dust.

Things to do when there is an Accident on a Construction Site

In the event you seen risky practices or some harmful equipment you need to immediately tell your supervisor. If someone is injured while on a construction site you are able to take the subsequent actions:

  • If they’re unconscious right away call 911 and seek medical help.
  • If they’re conscious ask them to identify and explain the pain. Regardless of the severity it is very important seek medical assistance. Some accidental injuries are more severe in the surface than above, like electrical burns or concussions.
  • Report any incident that takes place so measures can be delivered to prevent this kind of accident from ever taking place again.

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