Site Safety Representatives - Able Safety

Site Safety Representatives – Able Safety

Safety representative training is part of every new employee’s introduction to a company, mandated by OSHA and monitored or taught by the safety representative professional. Every time a new, unfamiliar piece of equipment moves onto a factory floor, it creates a new set of safety hazards. The safety representative have to provide for the necessary safety training for the employees who operate it. As employee responsibilities change, the safety representative ensures that the safety or environmental training follows up to date guidelines.

A safety representative supervises safety in the workplace. His inspections make sure that the appropriate safety regulations are followed in the workplace, whether they are those of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency or an equipment manufacturer. The safety representative represents the health and safety interests of workers and helps identify potential or actual dangers. He /She will guide and advise employees with their safety questions. The duty of the site safety representatives is to look after the implementation of safe operations in the construction site, i.e. taking part to the inspection of working sites, choosing safe working methods and equipment, testing personal protective equipment etc. To improve the involvement of the safety representative in site safety the participation to planning, purchase and daily control should be made possible. The site safety representative manages every safety related information and protocol, to keep the work place safe.They are the mirror of the company, that shows quality and safety of the company that they work for. Furthermore, the participation to the safety meetings and necessary safety schooling should also be made possible.  Able Safety Representatives are educated under guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Our training and site safety representatives certification is what you need. We will make sure, that you have the right training under federal and local authorities. Please request a quote below!

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