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How To Earn More As A Construction Worker?

By: Able Safety Consulting

How much do construction workers make?


Construction jobs are indeed worth considering to be well-paid. Therefore, if you are choosing a construction career, there is a chance that you will find a way to implement your talents and also make a pretty decent living. The predictions for the future are pretty bright. Employment opportunities in the construction area should increase by 4% by 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, according to the same source, the median construction worker salary is almost 20% bigger than the median salary for the other professionals.


Choose wisely


In line with the already known U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Construction Laborers and Helpers’ median salary is $ 37,080 while Construction and Building Inspectors make $ 62,860. Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairs get $ 88,540, and Sheet Metal Workers $ 51,370. The list may go on, but it is not a point. The point is: if you are in the decision stage of which construction career to choose, you may look through the salary ranges and then base your decisions on it. Also, mind the level of your mastery, cause you may want one thing, yet no aptitude towards that is visible.


No work without permission


As tempting as it sounds, one must fully comprehend that a construction worker is not only a promise of a pretty nice salary, it is also quite challenging and indeed dangerous work. However, it is only unsafe if you are going to put your foot on the construction site without the necessary knowledge of how to avoid the hazardous experience, performing construction duties. It is hardly possible to imagine that one’s feet will be allowed even near the construction area without permission.


SST card

You might feel like asking: “How do I get such permission, and what exactly is this permission?”. Quite a fair question, since this permission is a Site Safety Training Card for NYC builders. This card proves that the person who works in the construction industry has received 40 hours of training, 30 Hour OSHA training program, and 10 hour sst dob online. 100% attendance for the SST training online is a prerequisite to getting certified. Active participation, tasks completion, and submission of end-of-course evaluation are also the CEU Requirements that define if the SST card will be approved.


Salary factors

You may follow the statistics and monitor salary ranges. However, be aware that the amount of money you can make vary due to different factors like skills, experience, geographical position, etc. With the opportunities given, you may enhance your skills even without leaving your room. Classes, courses, and training are possible to attend online. It does not lower the quality of educational matters. Getting an SST card online does not imply that it is different from offline training. Hard, diligent work is equal in any learning format. A geographical area is also not a conviction - you may move and expand your funding. For example, as it is in CareerExplorer, construction workers in Florida yearly make $ 30,060, while the same position in California is worth $ 42,521. Experience is quite a thing. On the other hand, if you are good and can prove it, you will be welcome to occupy the desired position without 20 years of proven activity.



Whatever salary is offered and seems to be “ just right” will eventually turn into “ it would be nice to make more”. In most cases, making more depends on the worker and his desire to be professional on all items: getting an SST card NYC, willing to expand your craft limits, not being afraid of challenging tasks, etc. Just be bold, persistent, and, of course, hard-working.