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    EPA RRP Certified Renovator Course

    On April 22, 2010 the EPA passed the renovation, repair and painting (RRP) rule which requires individuals performing renovation, repair, and painting activities on homes or child occupied facilities built prior to 1978 to obtain an EPA Lead Certification. Lead certificates are received by completing an 8 hour Lead Renovator Certification course instructed by an EPA authorized training provider. Individuals who do not become certified may face fines of up to $37,500 per day.

    The EPA RRP Course is designed to instruct individuals on the health effects of lead-based paint, how to test for lead-based paint, how to work using lead-safe work practices if lead is present, and how to educate your customer on the hazards of lead based paint.

    Any contractor disturbing more than 6 square ft. of space in pre-1978 housing or child occupied facility must employ at least one certified renovator who has successfully completed the EPA RRP Training Course. If you are the owner of a company, you or a principle of the company must complete the EPA RRP Training Certification course. After completing the course successfully and receiving a lead-safe certified renovator certification the employees of the company may work under your lead certification. Companies must also submit an EPA Firm Application to become a lead safe certified firm. 

    EPA RRP Lead Certification Course Online

    The EPA requires the RRP Lead Renovator Initial Course to contain a hands-on training aspect, which means that the majority of the class may be done online (6 Hours) but participants will still be required to attend the class in person in order to participate in the hands-on activities portion. Able Safety is currently working on designing a new partial online EPA RRP Certified Renovator course that will work using the same "Learning Management System" that is currently in use on the EPA RRP Refresher Course Online.

    Already an EPA RRP Lead-Safe Certified Renovator?

    The Lead Renovator Certification is valid for 5 years. If you are already a certified renovator and your certification has not yet expired you are eligible to take a 4 hour refresher course entirely online. offers a quick and convenient way to renew your lead certificate entirely online at very little cost to you. If your certificate has already expired you are no longer eligible to take the refresher course and must re-take the 8-hour initial lead certification course again.

  • Topics covered in this course include:

    • Dangers of Lead Paint
    • Regulations
    • Dust Control
    • Cleaning the Workspace
    • Checking Your Work
    • Recordkeeping

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    1. Understand the dangers of lead based paint

    2. Take proper precautions to ensure lead related illnesses do not occur

    3. Implement proper cleaning procedures

    4. Effectively contain dust

    5. Safely dispose of waste


    • By: renato on 11 Feb 2016
      great class very informative the law has changed quite a bit and i'm glad i came tonight
    • By: George on 11 Feb 2016
      Awesome class. Very informative!!!
    • By: Justinchillemi on 30 Jan 2016
      Charlie did a great job
    • By: Justin on 30 Jan 2016
      Charlie's really funny I had a great time with the food
    • By: Michael on 30 Jan 2016
      All good
    • By: Esmail on 30 Jan 2016
      Thank you for a great class I learned a lot
    • By: Sam bruno on 20 Feb 2016
      Very helpful
    • By: Jerry on 20 Feb 2016
      Charlie was funny & informative Thanks for lunch
    • By: James on 20 Feb 2016
      Charlie was a great instructor. Very knowledgable, would attend another class.
    • By: Diane Vassallo on 20 Feb 2016
      Charlie is very informative. The class offered great resourses, and instruction.
    • By: Paul panzarella on 20 Feb 2016
      Very informative great class
    • By: Artur Bielawski on 20 Feb 2016
      Thanks Charles. You are the best.
    • By: Gregory Perez on 27 Feb 2016
      great instructor. very informative. charlie hunt reall made me understand the course
    • By: Dimitrios Sevastos on 11 Feb 2017
      One of the most informative classes I've ever been in! Charles and Steve were great!
    • By: Andre Lorenz on 11 Dec 2016
      Very informative thanks Charles a little long
    • By: Ronald Smith on 20 Mar 2017
      I attended your class to become EPA certified and i found it very helpful and very knowledgeable. I was afraid it was going to be a boring class but I am so happy I attended it. Not only did it teach me on the requirement but i also learned other business type lessons and networked with others. I will definitely recommend your class to others and i will be in contact to take other classes that you offer as well as this one.
    • By: Daniel DaSilva on 11 Dec 2016
      Class was very engaging and material was extremely realavent to my business. Not only made me aware of regulations but also moral obligation. I would definitely take another class with Able Safety again!
    • By: George Christensen on 20 Mar 2017
      Charles Hunt did a great job very informative
    • By: David Mahler on 17 Apr 2017
      Best most informative engaging class I have ever taken! Great instructor.
    • By: James cooke on 17 Apr 2017
      Charlie was very informative as well as thorough and hands on with all questions and concerns
    • By: joseph fischer on 17 Apr 2017
      Great guy and very helpful. Time went fast.
    • By: Carlos Climaco on 17 Apr 2017
      The class was very organize and neat. Charles was very helpful and knowledgeable.
    • By: Andrew Palmese on 17 Apr 2017
      It was a wonderful course, where I actually learned quite a bit. I do a lot of older paint based renovations and will be using all of the precautions discussed today. Thank u
    • By: Steve Tobias on 17 Apr 2017
      Very informative and very well presented by Charlie.
    • By: Steve Neuman on 13 Apr 2017
      The 8 Hour EPA course was informative as well as thorough. All major Topics were discussed in a clear and easy to comprehend manner. I would definitely recommend this course.
    • By: Jessica on 26 Apr 2017
      Charlie is Amazing!!